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My top tips to enjoy your wedding morning.

I’ve been lucky enough to share the most special experience of a wedding morning many times being a makeup artist, being able to witness the amount of love and care in a room between a group of friends, sisters, family, parents and a bride is truly heart-warming. I’ve seen the nerves and excitement about the day ahead, I’ve seen the father holding back the tears as he realizes that his little girl has grown up to be a gorgeous young woman. I’ve seen the gratitude for the past knowing that it’s all lead to this new chapter, to spending your life with The one.

Yet, speaking to brides after their beautiful day many say that it was all a blur and that is completely normal. So here are my tips and tricks to ensure that you can enjoy your morning and how my role of your wedding morning will help to ensure this.

The Pamper Starts the night before

While doing your skincare routine has many practical benefits, such as creating the perfect base for your makeup, it is also essential to take some time out and relax. I would suggest spending 30 minutes on your skincare routine the night before, really take the time to chill and give yourself a true pamper. A moisture mask is always a good idea! Taking this time out for yourself will calm those nerves, and lead to a better night’s sleep. Finish your pamper session off with a misting of lavender sleep spray over your pillow.

TOP TIP- ONLY USE PRODUCTS YOU HAVE USED BEFORE- this way you won’t get any nasty surprises such as a breakout or an allergic reaction. Try your moisture mask out a month before just to ensure that its best for your skin.

PS- I will always give skincare advice at a trial or if you need help before your trial, a consultation with me is always available.

Morning routine

Again, in the morning, take some time out to do your skincare routine. It’s the perfect excuse to take some time out in the morning just to focus on yourself, cleanse your skin as normal and if you have the time pop your eye cream in the fridge for a few minutes this will be a nice cooling effect and wake yourself up. Leave the rest to your makeup artist for a luxury pamper before your makeup application!

Sit Back and relax

You’ve booked your suppliers, you’re in professional hands let us look after everything, it’s what you’re paying for! Enjoy your time with your bridal party, spending your last few hours as a miss with your favorite girls.

As a makeup artist, I organise a schedule for the wedding morning which we will pre-discuss to ensure you are fully happy with timings and know what to expect from myself. I will always ensure there is plenty of time for each of the bridal party and ensure that I finish the whole bridal party at least an hour before you need to leave, allowing plenty of time to get in your dress, take photos, gift give and any touch-ups that may be needed. I’ll be there till the very last minute that you want me there, to be the extra helping hand that you need.

Doing a schedule gives you peace of mind that everyone will be ready on time, but it also creates the most relaxing and calm environment which is something I pride myself on. For larger bridal parties I will bring an extra pair of hands, whether it will be an assistant or a second makeup artist to help with the bridal party.

The Makeup and Hair experience

Getting your makeup and hair done on your wedding day is the ultimate pamper, you can sit back and relax knowing that the look that you want will be done, after taking detailed notes from the trial. And if you change your mind on lip colour last minute, no worries!

With luxury products and professional tricks and tips from the editorial industry, you will be guaranteed with flawless and picture-perfect makeup, whatever look you desired will be achieved. It’s not every day that you have your very own glam squad so sit back with your glass of prosecco and embrace being pampered.

No Distractions

There is nothing worse than receiving a ‘Sorry lovely, but we are unable to come now’ or ‘where do we park’ text on the morning of your wedding, so turn your phone off! (Guests please don’t do this!)

Instead organize with your suppliers to have a bridesmaid’s number or if you have a wedding planner/ day planner give the suppliers their number, that way if a supplier needs to get in contact they can but the bride never needs to be disturbed!

You are going to be feeling super emotional so try not to listen to your ‘walking down the aisle’ song during the morning, music brings up a lot of emotions and you and your partner chose that song for a reason, it means something, and it will set you off. If your bridesmaids want to practice walking down the aisle to specific timings try and go through this the night before or in a separate room for the bride. Plus, it will be even more special hearing it for the first time when you do walk down that aisle!

Bridesmaids duties

Rely on your best girls, they are your nearest and dearest and they’ll be wanting to help in whatever way they can!

Some common tips that will help throughout the day:

- Lipstick duty (make sure one of them has your lipstick, then you can top up as and when you need)

- Cosmetic buds! Pop one in your bra or in one of your girlies purses so when you shed a tear during those rather emotional speeches you can discreetly dab away those teardrops.

- We always ensure that makeup is set in place and lasts all day, however on those boiling hot summer days, having some blotting papers or powder or even a remote fan on hand to cool you down will be super helpful.

My biggest piece of advice is to remember you’ve spent months planning this day, you’ve done all this hard work! Enjoy your gorgeous day x

Image by : Darryl James Photography

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