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The Bridal Stylist Collaborative 

I created The Bridal Stylist Collaborative to create a new way of working between your Hair stylist and Makeup Artist, this way of working is perfect for those brides who have a large Bridal Party and looking for both Makeup and Hair services. For smaller bridal party I can do both Hair and Makeup on request but for larger bridal Parties these hair stylists are my personal recommendation and are highly skilled at what they do.  



We are Professional Bridal Make-up  artists & Hair Stylists coming together to enhance your bridal journey to create the best experience for you and your bridal party.  By creating Bridal stylists & Co.  we are building a new way of working which captures the magic of your wedding day.



We have created this new way of working because your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. For Brides the wedding morning is also a time where you can feel quite vulnerable with experiencing lots of different emotions. Therefore, we believe that the relationship between your Makeup artist and Hair stylist is extremely important. You want people there who you trust and feel good around... just like your bridal party. With larger weddings, it is normal for one main stylist to bring an assistant with them who you often don't meet before. More often then not your hair stylist and makeup  artist have never even met before, even though your hair and makeup artist are closely collaborating to create your bridal look. Therefore by booking two different stylists who already have built a strong working relationship and both have the same aim in creating your bridal vision, you can build a relationship with both of us right from booking with your welcome call, then a joint trial, working together from day 1.


Getting your hair and makeup done is a very personal service, let alone it being on your wedding day. Every Hair stylist and every makeup artist will always have their own unique style. It's a personal choice who you want to do your hair and makeup and in order for a desired experience we believe you should still be able to decide who those stylist are. This collaboration of artists and stylists is your choice, by being within the same collaboration space you can be reassured that we work together to make your bridal vision come to fruition.


We know that planning your wedding can be stressful, there is a lot to book, organise and many decisions to be made. However, we don't want you to make the mistake of booking the cheapest/ first hair and makeup artist you find. Your hair and makeup experience should be a special experience, make you feel beautiful and ensure you keep calm. The makeup artists and Hair stylists involved with The bridal stylists collaborative want to provide you with a magical experience from the moment you book right up to seeing yourself in your wedding photos. Which is why we think collaboration between your hair stylist and makeup artist is essential.  Plus once you've booked we will take charge of coordinating your trial dates & schedule on the day... the hard-work of coordinating your morning between your hair and makeup artist has been taken care of!


The Bridal Stylists Collaborative was designed with community in mind, we wanted to create a positive space within the bridal industry, not only for brides by sharing experts tips and tricks in the industry and recommending amazing suppliers but also for the stylists themselves. We each have our own individual businesses and we believe we should empower each others businesses  by promoting the business and the artist. When booking with us you are booking directly with your stylist and artist, meaning we equally benefit and no commission bonuses for one supplier. Often venues and other suppliers will recommend suppliers to couples, we are taking that one step further by creating a collaborative space for the two suppliers who work closest with each other... And you can be rest assured that within this community suppliers have not paid to get on that list. We genuinely want to work together and love each others work.

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Olivia Marshall Makeup

Makeup Artist

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Flawless Essence 

Hair stylist 

Visit Victoria's website and fill out her contact form to book for hair 


Styles Beauty Studio

Hair stylist

Visit Katrina's instagram and message to enquire about hair services 

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